Choir Holds Garage Sale to Raise Funds

On Saturday February 22 the choir held a Garage sale in front of the school to help fund their choir banquet. A few members stood out in front of the school waiting for people to come by and buy things from the sale. 

“I am having fun today,” senior and Choir President Grace Reeve said. “We were out dancing earlier just trying to promote the sale.” 

The choir was selling men’s, women’s, and children’s clothes. They also had a telescope, aquariums, car seats, books, CDs, and a couple of scooters, all donated by the choir.

“We’re having this garage sale today for choir to help fundraise to get money for our choir program, and it’s been going pretty well,” Reeve said. “We’ve had a lot of sales so far.”

The banquet theme has not been announced yet, but every year the choir gives awards to people who have been productive and a huge part of the program. The choir is also holding the fundraiser to help pay for music and other essentials to use for the choir program.
“It’s a big celebration we hold at the end of the year to celebrate all of the work that we’ve done,” junior Trinity Massengale said. “It’s been a lot of fun today. We have sold a lot of clothes.”

Choir may be holding another garage sale in front of the school in May when it warms up, though the date is not yet set for when it will be held.