Bethany Hughes

Bethany Hughes is a freshman honors and regular English teacher. Her career started eight years ago at Lakeview in 2012 and has been here since. She has known she wanted to be a teacher since she was five years old and her highschool English teacher was her inspiration.

“I really like doing socratic seminars over ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ I get a lot of people’s opinions,” Hughes said.

When doing the socratic seminars she moves the desks in her class in a circle and asks for her students opinions over the book.

Hughes enjoys teaching and interacting with students. However, her least favorite thing to teach are essays and how to write them. She thinks the relationships she has with her students is what her favorite part about teaching is. She also believes that building relationships with students matters.

“I enjoy working with students,” Hughes said. “Because they’re curious and usually they want to learn.”

Hughes keeps posters up around her room of things she enjoys, making her room feel at home and more comfortable for her students. She is a welcoming teacher and is willing to help students when they need it during lessons.

“Do what they think you can’t do,” Mrs. Hughes said.