Champions of the Night

Lakeview’s Patriots tackled down the Wylie Pirates in a record-breaking game on Thursday October 3 at Wylie High school. The final score was 27-20 with the patriots taking the lead. Senior kicker Esteban Villarreal was the star of the night. He kicked the ball 45-yards making this the most phenomenal kick the Patriots have seen this year.

“It got us the momentum going into half-time,” senior quarterback Jarret Adams said. “And that carried us throughout the game.”

Wylie came in hot during the first quarter but the game quickly took a turn in the second quarter when Villarreal changed the game with his kick. This was a dramatic impact for the team and for the players.

“I think this [game] would benefit the school and Esteban by showing people what we are made of,” junior Sarah Holder said.

Since the game, team players have worked harder to keep their status as champions of the night. Students who packed the stands at the game also witnessed the exceptional game the players played.

“I was super proud of him as he continued to play one of the best games I’ve ever seen,” Holder said. “The crowd was going wild and I could see him getting more focused and determined as the game went on.”

This game would potentially put more attention to the players and coaches throughout the school year. It would also boast the confidence in the team in order to achieve more success.

“It was very important [to the team] we knew we had to [win],” Villarreal said. “The only thing on our mind right now is the district championship.”