Senior Day: Six Flags Thrills

Senior Day was held at Six Flags last Friday on May 3. Students voiced concerns over the weather, but those concerns were quickly put to rest due to the sunshine and light breeze that remained throughout the day.

Senior Monique Castillo said that she enjoyed being able to make memories during the field trip.

“[My favorite part was] making amazing memories with people that I never thought I would never be comfortable with,” Castillo said. “And making friends that I wish I could have met during my high school years.”

Much like Castillo, senior Luis Dominguez said that his favorite part of the trip was being able to hang around with friends.

“What I enjoyed the most was just the general atmosphere of Six Flags,” Dominguez said. “I was able to be with most of the Class of 2019, the people I have been with throughout my high school life, and it brought me much joy. Also being with some of my closest friends on thrilling rides was a big contributor to the fun I had that day.”

Although the weather was a major concern it all turned out sunny in the end according to Dominguez.

“I think that the weather was a miracle come true,” he said. “When we first departed the school, I was certain that I was going to get rained on mid-ride or while enjoying some lunch. But the way that the clouds cleared up and allowed the sun to shine when we arrived at the park was nothing short of amazing. It was amazing weather, fitting for a good time at an amusement park. It only started raining when we left, which did not really matter to me as were done with the park.”

From “Mr. Freeze” to “The Joker” the roller coasters and rides were abundant. Although the main attractions are the adrenaline-inducing rides, Castillo said that to her, the most important thing about senior day is to enjoy it.

“It’s a place to look back on what you did your last year of high school,” she said. “It’s a time to make memories, have fun with new or old friends.”