Midseason Struggles

They boys varsity soccer team faced off against Sachse High School in a 3-0 defeat on Friday, February 8.

Junior Christian Guel, one of the midfielders, said he is disappointed over the winless season so far.

“We haven’t won a game sadly, but we have worked hard and we have come close to winning games,” Guel said.

In spite of the losing streak, Guel said he tries to focus on the positive aspects of the game that he feels needs to be worked on.

“As a team we know how to play with each other, we know our weaknesses and our strengths,” he said. “The only thing we need to work on is releasing the ball sooner and making smarter plays.”

Junior Daniel Morales, starting goalkeeper, said he feels that in order to receive better results, the team must focus more.

“We need [to] practice how you play in the games and take [things] more seriously,” Morales said.

The game against Sachse left Lakeview in its current last place spot. In spite of this, Morales said he believes it’s not about the result, it’s about character.

“As a team I hope to accomplish bettering ourselves not only as soccer players, but as people in today’s society,” Morales said.