Mental Health Awareness Spread Around Lakeview

This week is Lakeview’s third annual mental health awareness week. Student Council hosted the week to spread awareness and support those affected by mental health illnesses. Each day has been dedicated to a different mental illness, and students and staff have been wearing specific clothing colors to show support.

On Monday, Patriots wore teal for those with anxiety and dark blue for those with depression. On Tuesday, they wore yellow for those who have tried to commit suicide or have self harmed. On Wednesday, they wore grey for those with bipolar disorder and lime green for those affected by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and on Thursday, they wore light purple for those with eating disorders. Student council members decided on each day’s theme, and Student Council sponsor Amy Davis said they had to thoroughly research each illness before they pick one.

“My students have to research mental health illnesses and choose one that they think will impact LC,” Davis said. “That’s how they choose the ones for this week. There are so many different ones, and they go through them and see what makes more of an impact at LC.”

This year, HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) partnered with Student Council and helped them on Tuesday. They had a table set up during all lunches, and they handed out yellow bracelets with the suicide prevention hotline number, an informational page about suicide and a green ribbon to wear. Students who came by the table could also sign a poster in support of those with mental illnesses.

“We don’t want students at Lakeview to be afraid to talk about their issues or ask for help,” senior Karina Santillan said.

English classes helped Student Council by creating “I am” cards that are on a wall in the commons. Each student wrote something about themselves on the card, which was placed on a large poster.

“We hope to spread positivity with the ‘I Am’ wall,” Davis said.

Tomorrow, students and staff are invited to wear a Lakeview shirt to support an end to the stigma around mental illness and post a photo to Student Council’s hashtag #LCHSAware.