Lakeview Falls to Wylie, 28-16


Lakeview’s varsity football team took on the Pirates of Wylie High School at Homer B. Johnson on Friday, October 5. The final score came out to be 28-16 with the Pirates taking the game. This was the first matchup against Wylie in Lakeview’s history.

Wylie came out blazing the first quarter – scoring 21 points in nine minutes – and halftime started with the score at 21-10 with Pirates in the lead. They did not score again until the fourth quarter, giving them their 28 points. Lakeview scored a total of 16 points throughout the second and third quarter. They didn’t score in the fourth quarter – ending the game in a 28-16 loss for Lakeview.

“I think we came out very aggressive on the defensive end, but we weren’t making it happen on offense,” senior Isaiah Haro said. “We started to gain some confidence in the third quarter, but we kept making mistakes scoring. We can’t make those mistakes again.”

Lakeview’s next match up will be against Garland High School on October 19. It will be an away game and will be another battle in Garland.

“This is a very important game for us, especially in Garland,” senior Isaiah Askew said. “We can’t afford to make the same mistakes that we made against Wylie.”