Making Our Way Downtown

At the 73rd annual Labor Day Parade in Garland, Lakeview’s band, colorguard, Liberty Dolls, and Sweethearts performed and marched down the streets of Downtown Garland. Each Garland ISD high school was required to be involved in the march, but many Lakeview students were excited to participate in the event.

Being involved in the community was a heartwarming community experience for some of the students involved in the parade.

“[I] loved seeing all the kids smile and waving,” senior cologuard member Jessica Mendoza said. “I love children and making them happy and smile makes my heart melt.”

Although Lakeview was the last in the lineup of high schools in the march, many students agreed that they loved being the last high school.

“Even though we were last, we went out with a bang,” junior Sweetheart Mia Chen said.

Many students said that with Lakeview having the biggest band in GISD, it made their band, as well as Lakeview as a whole, stand out.

“The LCHS Patriot Band is the biggest band in the land,” junior band member Eddie Salazar said. “With our size, we made a lasting impression to the crowd and other bands around us.”

The parade allowed students from all around the district to interact with the people from all over the community. This parade gave people a way to celebrate Labor Day while also appreciating the Fine Art programs that GISD schools have to offer.

“The parade united the community by bringing out the community to come together and enjoy an event that we love doing,” junior band member Roberto Martinez said. “It gets them excited to be part of a great community.”