Softball Runs Home Against North Garland


Sam Major

Lindsey Pena swings for the ball during the game.

The Lady Patriots softball team faced up against North Garland high school on Tuesday, March 20. The first inning ended with Lakeview up 6 to 2.

“It [made me] feel very accomplished and pumped up for the game,” sophomore Daniela Sicairos said.

The Lady Patriots held North to no points during the second inning. They also scored 10 points during that inning, ending the second inning with Lakeview up 16 to 2.

I got a triple in the first inning, and I felt like I really made my team proud,” sophomore Narissa Trigg said. “We continue to work hard with the offense and really brought those runs in.”

During the third and fourth inning, North received four more points and Lakeview scored one more. During the fifth inning, the Lady Patriots held North to not scoring, so the game ended with Lakeview winning 17 to 6.

“We played great as a team and we all encouraged each other to do our best,” junior Lindsey Pena said. “We made easy outs, and we kept hitting the ball.”

Junior KarLee Jones has gone to multiple softball games this season for the Lady Patriots. She said she is very proud of the team for winning in their game against North.

“It was totally exciting to watch the softball team demolish North,” Jones said. “Who doesn’t like watching their team win?”