Pi Day All Around A Good Day


Alyssa Johnson

Adrian Guerrero enjoys Pi Day celebration food.

Natalie Taylor, Copy Editor

As a way to incorporate mathematical principles into her classroom environment, while maintaining a fun atmosphere, math teacher Amy Davis threw a Pi Day celebration for her DC Pre-AP Calculus classes. Although actual Pi Day (March 14) is during spring break, Davis wanted to host the celebration before the break to maintain her yearly tradition.

“I enjoy bringing the joy of math to my students,” Davis said. “I’ve always loved math, so I want my students to love it as well.”

Students who participated in the celebration brought circular food to represent how pi is a part of everyday life.

“I brought a pie to pi day,” junior Adrian Guerrero said. “Seeing all the other circular foods really opened my eyes to the fact that a lot of desserts are circular and include pi within them.”

Although the students celebrated in class, they also had to complete a worksheet over the topics they were learning about.

“Even though we had to complete a worksheet, it still felt like we were getting a mini break from our stressful classes,” junior Emely Pineda said.

At the celebration, students got to learn about different pi facts. For example, junior Bryan Robinson said that in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”, if one takes the letter count of each word in the poem, it will create the first 517 digits of pi.

“The facts that Ms. Davis told me will help me someday in life,” Robinson said. “I really enjoyed the celebration because the food was good.”