Party Like It’s 1982, 1994, 2006, or 2018: Year of The Dog


Laith Annab

Raqeeb Ali and Daniyah Imtiaz enjoy food and decorations.

As a way to incorporate Asian culture into her classroom, English teacher Elise Song held a Lunar New Year Party for all of her classes. She spent multiple days after school (with the help of some students) preparing the classroom with decorations.

“I enjoyed how beautiful the lights were out all over the room,” junior Oscar Silva said. “She really made the environment feel really festive for the occasion.”

During the classroom parties, students played Kahoot!, watched “Mulan”, and researched information about the Lunar New Year.

“I learned my Chinese zodiac symbol and it taught me a lot about myself,” junior Bryan Robinson said. “I connected with my classmates through our shared zodiac symbols and what it says about our generation.”

In addition to having a party during each of her classes, Song also hosted a Lunar New Year Party after school. It was primarily for the students in the Asian Student Association (ASA), but the party was open to all who wanted to attend.

“[We] listened to music and tried each other’s homemade foods,” senior Jackie Tong said. “I enjoyed how everyone gathered to the party to celebrate Asian culture and Lunar New Year.”

By hosting this party, Song made many students with Asian culture feel welcome and invited into her classroom. Senior Karina Dacpano said that since the Asian student population at Lakeview is not that high, she appreciates Song sponsoring ASA.

“Asian culture is something that people appreciate every day but don’t realize it,” Dacpano said. “I admire [Ms. Song] for how proud she is about her Asian heritage and encourages us – fellow Asian students – to be the same.”

Song hoped that this party would give her students a break after all the days she pushes them in class.

“I wanted to represent not only the Asian students, but to expose my students to a different culture so they have a better understanding and appreciation,” Song said. “Plus, no one would deny food.”