Lakeview’s Unique Hip Hop Fundraiser

Aaron Cubillos, Writer

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Louder Than A Bomb (LTAB) and Shake The Silence held their annual hip hop concert on November 17, with special guest Bobby Sessions, in the school’s auditorium.

Students were given the chance to attend a hip hop concert here on campus with the purchase of a $3 ticket.

“The tickets weren’t expensive at all,” sophomore Mina Rubealcaba. “It was worth it.”

All the proceeds will benefit LTAB and Shake The Silence at Lakeview. This concert is one of the biggest fundraisers of the year for the programs. The concert helped raise roughly $2,100 for the programs.

“We may or may not have more huge fundraisers,” sophomore LTAB member Alexis Castillo said. “You’ll have to keep an eye out.”

Before the main performance from Bobby Sessions, two poets and members of LTAB, Castillo and sophomore Griselda Nino went on stage, and each read an original poem of theirs to the audience of over 800 students who were attending.

“I was excited and hyped up,” Castillo said. “I was a little nervous about 45 minutes prior to the performance for sake of remembering my poem, but I got over it when LTAB gave me endless support.”

Although technical difficulties were present throughout the performance, students attending still enjoyed the show nonetheless.

“There was some stuff wrong with the sound system, but I still liked it,” sophomore Maira Cruz said.

Lakeview is the only high school in the district of Garland to offer such an event to the students — a statement that the school takes pride in.

“Everyone in that concert left that concert proud of being Lakeview students because no other high school in Garland does this for their kids,” LTAB Founder Jason Carney said.

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