Choir’s Choral Christmas

Natalie Taylor, Copy Editor

Under the direction of Audra Turner and DaOn Hinton, more than five choir groups performed at their winter show Friday night. Choir President Allison Cole said she enjoyed the variety of music that was sang; it kept the concert interesting and engaging.

“The concert was amazing and every single choir sang beautifully,” Cole said. “We were all very prepared for the concert because of our directors.”

Many of the songs sang contained solos from different members of the group singing. Junior MeiLan Troeung said that she was so glad she pulled off her solo.

“I have trouble being confident and trusting myself when I sing, so [the] solo meant so much to me,” Troeung said. “I would’ve never thought that I could hit that high note, but I did! This concert will never leave my mind.”

Freedom, the pop group, performed an arrangement of songs: “Mary Did You Know,” “That’s Christmas To Me,” and “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree.” Not only did they sing in Christmas sweaters, but they also had props up on stage to add to the festivity of their songs.

“Freedom did exceptionally well,” junior Zoë Phillips said. “We definitely presented our audience with a first of taste of the Christmas spirit.”

To close out the concert, all the choir groups came together to sing “Still, Still, Still.”

“Our voices blended so well together,” junior Zoë Phillips. “It was truly a beautiful experience.”