Students Speak Out Against Social Injustices


Tim Kihneman

Mia Chen poses with a anti-sexual assault poster filled with student signatures.

For the past few weeks, students in English teacher Bunnie Light’s class have been working on projects over social injustices. Student groups had to select an injustice, do research over it, and promote awareness of the topic.

“I enjoy working on this project because of the awareness that it is bringing to many injustices that are not being properly dealt with,” junior Daniel Nguyen said.

The projects include a range of issues including sexual assault victim blaming, gun control, discrimination, DACA, and bullying. Junior Amy Miranda is doing her project over the social injustice towards dreamers.

“We all have personal stories and encounters with this topic and the government is corrupt towards dreamers,” Miranda said. “I feel like Mexicans are already given a hard reputation and having to separate from their families is inhumane, but nobody is doing anything about it.”

Many groups have started their own Twitter pages in order to promote awareness and support over their chosen injustice. Tables have been set up at lunch this week for various groups giving out candy when students sign a pledge against their selected injustice. Junior Paulina Ramos and her group are doing their campaign over human trafficking.

“We want our colleagues to understand and be aware of human trafficking,” Ramos said. “We just want to bring lots of awareness. All the projects are bringing light to a lot of issues.”

Light said that she got the inspiration for this project from the long term debate over equity versus equality in America. She hopes that from this project, the students have fun and learn that they can make a mark, even as a teenager.

Although there are many problems in the world, there is something that they can do about one thing,” Light said. “You can’t fight for everything, you can fight for something.”