Students receive nearly $10,000 for AP scores


Alyssa Johnson

Recipients of the NMSI checks

At the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) pep rally, students that passed AP tests for a math, science, or English class earned $100 per test passed.

“I’m very honored to have received the money,” junior Nicolas Dominguez said. “It’s very nice to feel your hard work rewarded and recognized.”

Nearly $10,000 was handed out this year to students at the pep rally. Over the past three years, students at Lakeview have received $21,400.

“I enjoyed the part of the pep rally where we started receiving our money,” senior Amy Moreno said. “It gave me the opportunity to see all the other students from Lakeview that passed their tests. I has so happy for everyone who got congratulated, and I has happy to see them getting recognition for those achievements.”

Qualifying scores have increased by 350 percent since the first year students started receiving NMSI checks at Lakeview. Many students attribute their earnings to their teachers.

“Ms. Song did a fantastic job preparing us for the English AP exam,” Moreno said. “We reviewed test taking strategies and essay requirements in class, so that definitely helped.”

English teacher Elise Song had the most students receive a check for their qualifying AP score. She had over 20 students earn $100 for her class.

“I felt proud, motivated, and in many ways, relieved,” Song said. “The money is only one incentive. The work ethic that they have proven gives them a jumpstart into their future.”

At the pep rally, Principal Maresa Bailey said that she wants to keep increasing the qualifying scores at Lakeview for the future. Moreno said that even dual credit students should take the AP test for their course.

“Even if you already the credit, still try to pass your AP test,” Moreno said. “There’s no better feeling than finding out your hard work paid off. Sure, the money is great, but so is the satisfaction of seeing that passing score.”

NMSI awards money for students in math, science, and English, but not social sciences classes.