College Night

Natalie Taylor, Writer

Applying for college is stressful enough. Add in trying to choose what college you want to go to: it’s a nightmare.

College night is available to relax students and help them plan for the upcoming few years.

“I was really worried before college night about all the things related to applying and scholarships,” junior Emely Pineda said. “After going, it feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders just by getting prepared.”

There was a wide range of colleges that participated in college night. It varied from Princeton University, to Texas Tech University, to Eastfield Community College. The students who attended got to see all of their options when it comes to applying for college.

“They had so many colleges there,” Pineda said. “I must have gone to at least 20 booths.”

If you didn’t attend college night, that’s okay! Here’s some helpful information from some of the major colleges that went:

University of North Texas (UNT): UNT has 38,000 students from all 50 states and 130 countries. They have a variety of majors including a school of business, education, engineering, journalism and science. The campus is located in Denton Texas.

Texas Women’s University (TWU): TWU is located in Denton, Texas. They offer a variety of majors including Hospitality, Education, Health Sciences, Government and Public Administration, Human Services, and much more. TWU also helps their students get internships. Their most recent ones include Frito-Lay, Southwest Airlines, Texas Legislature, NASA, and the Mayo Clinic.

Texas Christian University (TCU): TCU is a private Christian college, but their doors are open to all. Their prominent majors include Business, Education, Engineering, Music, Pre-Health, and Theatre. TCU is located Fort Worth, Texas.