Honors Banquet class of 2017

Hannah Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

The Honors Banquet this year was held at Hella Temple Shrine on Wednesday evening. A three course dinner was served, then a motivational speaker, Keith Davis, who is also a former pro football player, came on stage and started his speech.

To be invited is an honor that teachers sincerely feel.

“From the teacher’s standpoint It really makes you feel good that somebody would think of you enough to do that,” Librarian Caroline Allen said.

Most of the time the honored guest is a teacher that the student feels greatly towards.

“They have one special guest, it’s the person that makes a difference in their lives,” Librarian Elizabeth Crusius saud. “Then they can invite as many guests as they want, but they have to pay for them.”

Only 100 students were invited this year to the banquet, but unfortunately some could not make it.

“We wait till they run the GPA after the 5th six weeks, so that’s what your rank and gpa stay at for graduation,” Crusius said. “Anyone with a GPA of a 3.5 or higher [is invited].”