Talent Show

Madison Plunk, Reporter

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Lakeview’s Choir department held the annual Talent Show last Thursday in the Auditorium after school. Students of all grade levels auditioned over 2 days to make it into an hour of talent.

The performances showcased Lakeview’s best talents whether it was singing, dancing, or jamming out.

“It showed off Lakeview’s talent very well. There’s so many talented people at our school,” junior Jessica Evans said.

The auditions, rehearsals, and performance all took place in the span of two weeks. The additional time gave performers time to perfect their act and get ready to perform.

“[Performing in the show] felt just as it always does- amazing,” sophomore Zoë Phillips said. “I will always love performing and being able to share my talent with the world.”

There were quite a few singing acts that went up on stage to show their stuff. Choosing the perfect song to sing seems like a difficult task.

“I used to lead the Praise and Worship team at my church, but my family and I left for multiple reasons,” senior April Mondragon said. “Singing on stage felt like I was there again, singing for God.”

For some of the acts that were in the show, it wasn’t their first time to be in the Talent Show.

“This year we weren’t able to perform in front of as many people so it wasn’t as big of an audience, but it was still an amazing time,”  Phillips said. “Last year, a majority of the student body was there to encourage me and push me along as I performed.”

The show comes and goes every year, so students should look out for the auditions next year to showcase their talent.

“I am so going to audition next year,” junior Precious Rojas said.


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