UIL Literary Criticism Team Competes at Regionals

Hannah Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

The UIL Literary Criticism team consisting of senior Elizabeth Hoffman and juniors Mia Perez and Chyna McNeal competed in Regionals Saturday, April 8, at Baylor University in Waco.

Even though the team did not place, they got the experience they expected from regionals.

“None of us had ever been to regionals and so we wondered how difficult it is,” sponsor Mark Lee said. “The competition was a big learning experience. We will be ready next year. They are poised for greatness.”

McNeal filled in at the last minute because there had been a cancellation.

“Elizabeth got a 58, Mia scored 46, and Chyna scored a 38 so that was pretty awesome,” sponsor Tereasa Boren said.

The scores were extremely close at the regional meet and the competition was very competitive.

“I got a 58,” Hoffman said. “I don’t know what place was because they only called the top six and the scores were so close they had to do tie breaks for the top people. They had to read their essay to see who actually took the highest place. I think first place got like a 69.”

As they look forward to next year, the are going to be prepared and ready to place at Regionals in 2018.
“This is the first year that I know was that they’ve gotten this far, at least in a long time,” Boren said, “and so the girls mostly knew going in that they were doing it for the experience. We are setting our hopes high and we’re already making plans on how to prepare for next year.”