Black History Month Program Auditions

Madison Plunk, Photo Editor

Auditions for the Black History Month Program were held after school on January 19th for anyone to come join the show. Many anticipate this event throughout the year, so students were eager to audition.

Auditions went smoothly and without a hitch.

“The audition was quick and easy and the judges were so calm and welcoming that I wasn’t nervous at all auditioning,” senior Aaron Spencer said.

Some upperclassmen students were returning to audition for their second show.

“It was very chill and not stressful at all, considering I also tried out last year,” senior Jaelene Luper said.

The auditions are open for any talent that honors Black History Month and can show off culture.

“I audition to sing and anything else that they may need me to do,” Luper said.

The announcement called for models, singers, and dancers to come out.

“I auditioned to play my saxophone in the program and I also auditioned to be a model for the History of Afro Clothing Museum,” Spencer said.

The annual program means a lot to students because it supports minorities and shows off the melting pot that Lakeview offers.

“Black history month as a whole is very important because often times achievements by the black community are omitted from the history books, and it is important that we not only acknowledge these accomplishments, but are educated about them,” Luper said.

There are two more rounds of auditions to be completed and the list of performers should be announced late next week.

“I’m extremely excited to see the results and I can’t wait to see who all will be performing,” Spencer said.

The show will be performed during school on Thursday, February 23rd. It is anticipated to be an amazing show full of great performances.

“Black people were more than just slaves, and it is important that our generation and generations to come know that,” Luper said.