AQR Carnival

Ma'Kalah Haire-Edwards, Reporter

Advanced Quantitative Reasoning is a class that pertains to juniors and seniors. These students have came up with their own versions of carnival games that’s based on probability and profits. The students have gotten really creative with creating their own games.

“The name of our game is called ‘Toilet toss’ and tossing something into a hole is a simple concept and we just built on top of a cardboard box, added a toilet outline and wrapped blue paper around the toilet paper and called it ‘Toilet Toss’,” senior Christian Vasquez said.

These games are just like the games at the fair or any carnival convention. There’s rules and also disqualifications for the player.

“We have a ring toss and to win our game you have 2-3 rings that you throw and try to make it around the bottle, but if you cross the second line you’re disqualified and have to pay again to play,” senior DahJae Sadler said.

After a game is won there are sweet and delicious prizes to hand out, but it all depends on where the shots are made.

“If you make it in the first cup you get only 1 piece of candy,” senior Marcus Pugh said. “If you make it in the second cup, you get two pieces of candy and if the player makes it in the third cup then you get 3 pieces of candy.”

There’s only a certain amount of tries a player has until they can win at this game. It’s very easy and simple, the trick is you have to have good aim in order to win.

“The player has two tries to try and knock over all the tin cups by throwing the small white ball,” senior Angelyn Rosas said.