Hallway Pep Rally Playoffs Round 2

Alex Webb, Reporter

This is the first time in 20 years that the Lakeview Centennial Varsity football team has went to the playoffs. And this time, the football team are going to the 2nd round.

“We had a hallway pep-rally for first round, so we should go all out and have a gym pep rally for the 2nd round,” senior Dejohn Jones said.

Usually for big events like this Lakeview has pep-rallies in the gym and for small events they have hallway pep-rallies. Instead, they are having a hallway pep rally for the 2nd round of playoffs.

“Gym pep-rallies are better because we actually do stuff we can get hype to, hallway pep rallies we just walk around,” sophomore Kevonta Blanchett said.

Maybe next time they could have a pep-rally in the gym to appease students.