Volleyball Playoffs


Lakeview’s Lady Patriot Varsity Volleyball team traveled to Richardson to take on the Lake Highlands Wildcats for the first round of playoffs on November 1st. The ladies fought hard, but the Cats took the win in 3 games.

The girls found out that they would be playing Lake Highlands the Friday before the game.

“I was a little intimidated because I knew how tall they were,” junior Maggie Rymer said.

The Lake Highlands Varsity girls came in self-assured with each hitter at least 6 inches taller than LC’s girls.

“I was confident because when we watched them play Richardson they looked easy,” senior Kendall Jackson said.

Lakeview had previously taken both Rowlett and Sachse Varsity Volleyball to 5 games, which has almost never been done in Lakeview history.

“We had a very good chance of beating them,” sophomore Katlynn Burch said.

The student and parent section was filled with fans of our team, cheering them on.

“I had never been more nervous for a game,” Rymer said.

This year is the first year in Lakeview history that the Varsity Volleyball team has gone to playoffs for two consecutive years.

““It felt good to do something that hasn’t been done in the 40 years Lakeview has been operating,” Jackson said.

The girls made playoffs last year for only the second time in the school’s history.

“[It felt] amazing [to go to playoffs],”  Burch said. “Especially since it’s only been the third time lakeview has been to playoffs.”

The girls traveled home on the bus that they came on and were filled with emotions after the loss.

“No one was sad about the game because we know we didn’t play well,”  Jackson said. “We were more sad that it was over and people were going to go to their other sports. It felt like our little family was breaking up.”

For seniors, this was their last high school volleyball game they will ever play.

“It was emotional especially for the seniors since it was the last game for most of them,”  Burch said. “We were also really proud of one another for the amazing season we had.”

The team played a good game and had an amazing season.

“[The girls on my team] are some of the best people I have ever met and they made the beginning of my senior year perfect,” Jackson said.