Macbeth Was To Die For


Alyssa Johnson

Lady Macbeth (KarLee Jones) speaks to the audience in a reaction shot during a performance.

Natalie Taylor, Copy-Editor

This past weekend, Lakeview Centennial’s theatre troupe 753 performed the classic Shakespearean play of Macbeth. Junior KarLee Jones played one of the main characters: Lady Macbeth.

“I absolutely loved playing the role of Lady Macbeth,” Jones said. “She is just so completely confident in everything she does. To manipulate people into killing for her, and boost herself into the position of queen just shows how savage and absolutely great she truly is.”

The lighting and music used by the troupe created the mood in almost every scene. Whenever the witches came out on the stage, the lighting would turn to a dark shade of green and play scary music.

“The sound and lighting were excellent and they added to the drama,” junior Bryan Robinson said. “It heightened the sense of fear within the play during the scenes where people were being killed. The sound effects also did a great deal of heavy lifting when it came to scenes where we were supposed to see something mystical or creepy happen.”

Many people who went to the play accredit a lot of fondness of it to the emotion they saw throughout the whole play. Junior Caroline Cortimilia said that she loved how passionate the actors were about their specific roles.

“My absolute favorite scene was when Liam (Macbeth) and KarLee (Lady Macbeth) were discussing the death of the queen,” Cortimilia said. “They both did such a terrific job acting as husband and wife.”

Some English teachers offered extra credit to students who went to the play. Many students jumped on this opportunity for extra points, while others were happy to just go see the play without the incentive.

“Although the play was for extra credit,” junior Katlynn Burch said. “I already planned on going due to my friend KarLee performing. I’ve always wanted to see how good of an actress she was, and she nailed it.”