Shake the Silence

Nena Roland, Reporter

Shake the Silence

If you listen to Hip Hop and enjoy poetry, then Shake the Silence is for you.

Shake the Silence was a spoken word assembly in the auditorium presented by the members of LTAB (Louder than a Bomb) for the students. Students were able to listen to poetry by their peers and a couple of special guests in a distinctive Hip Hop style.

The auditorium was filled with students from every grade level watching the performances.

“I went because I wanted to see poetry, and I wanted the extra credit,” junior Brianna Leos said.

One of the special guest performers, The Unique was a favorite amongst many students.

“The Unique was very inspirational,” said junior Delaney Foster. “I enjoyed her message and the story she told.”

The Shake the Silence assembly provided students with a new perspective on ways poetry can be written and performed.  

“I learned that people go through real issues,” junior Ella Ogbankiti said. “Poetry is a good way to get our your emotions and Hip Hop makes it more entertaining.”