What’s Wrong With Being a Janitor?

The United States has a variety of job opportunities for people across the world. However, many people don’t acknowledge the small-scaled jobs that surround us everyday. According to Kyle VanHemert in an article on Gizmodo, in the U.S. alone there are over 5,000 janitors.

“Janitors don’t receive the respect they should have,” senior Luis Carrera said. “They do a lot for the school and they’re here till late; they should be appreciated more.”

When most people first come to America their job options are limited, especially if they don’t have an education.

“It’s not a pleasant job,” elementary school janitor Birkie Alemaw said. “It’s very tiring my shoulders are going out and I have a lot of back issues.”

A janitor’s job is important to everyone in public areas which is why they need more recognition. In school, janitors work late nights and early mornings to prepare the school for the day.

“My mom is a janitor,” senior Madalynne Lopez said. “And I know what it’s like for her so everywhere I go I respect the janitors.”