Claire Wineland Leaves Her Legacy

Claire Wineland was an inspirational speaker who spoke out on her Youtube channel called “The Clairity Project” that she started two years ago. On the channel, she discussed her struggle living with cystic fibrosis.

After receiving a double lung transplant, Wineland suffered a stroke when a blood clot cut off blood flow to the right side of her brain. She never woke up from her coma, and was pronounced dead on September 2.

Claire founded the Claire’s Place Foundation – a nonprofit organization to support children with cystic fibrosis and to help their families with any assistance.

“My purpose is to help people be more comfortable with their pain and realize that they have the power and a lot to give regardless of whether their life seems normal or not,” Wineland said in a Ted Talk.

In her channel, she talked about her everyday life dealing with the disease. She also educated others on how it felt to have a terminal illness. She tried to change people’s mindset on how they view people with an illness.

“Stop pitying sick people, but start empowering them,” Wineland said in an interview with Goldcast.

Although she had a disease, she tried to make something of her life. She didn’t want to be that one person who everyone feels sorry for.

“You can suffer and be okay,” Wineland said in a Ted Talk.

In some of her videos, she spoke out on not fearing death and to make something with your life. In honor of her memory, her family is continuing Claire’s Place Foundation.

“Her foundation will live on, even in her absence,” Claire’s mother said in a interview with CNN.