College Day

Hannah Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

For many students it’s just the beginning of choosing where to go to college, that’s why this is the perfect way to represent your future college. It’s also an opportunity to collaborate with other students and friends about college just by wearing a t-shirt!

“College day to me is a fun and easier way to get to know more about the colleges i’m interested in,” senior Emily Aguillon said. Wearing a college shirt “shows that you have school spirit and you’re proud to wear it.”

College day reminds students of the path they want to take and about the requirements to get to the next level for their career.

“The day represents a “future” for students who want to further their education,” senior Daniela Jimenez said.

College day is also a day when students have the chance to express what college they want to attend.

“It’s nice to see other kids with college shirts on because it encouraging me to go to college and have school spirit,” Jimenez said.